Friday, December 31, 2004

We will ask for recounts until we like the result...

Stefan Sharkansky is a member of a group blog called Sound Politics. That blog is describing a problem that has come up in the n'th recount for the election for Governor of Washington state.

It seems that after counting a significant number of ballots that were "discovered" after the election, the Democrat candidate Christine Gregoire now has a lead over the Republican, Dino Rossi. Now the Democrats are satisfied and asking for this "voter ordeal" to end.

The problem Sharkansky writes about? Seems there are now more ballots than voting voters in certain precincts. It seemed vaguely fishy to me when they kept "finding" new, uncounted ballots in the heavily Democrat King county, around the city of Seattle. I sure hope it is harder to "find" hidden paper records of voter participation.

The elections in this country are a mess and need to be cleaned up. If it takes making it way harder to cast absentee ballots, I would not mind.


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